GHP was formed in the autumn of 2006 by Per Båtelson, the founder and former President of Capio, together with Johan Wachtmeister, the former CEO of Ledstiernan and co-founder of Stockholm Spine Center. The company has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Small Cap, since October 2008.


  • GHP extends management contract in United Arab Emirates.
  • Swedish Olympic Committee and GHP begin collaboration.
  • GHP part of exclusive collaboration with Skandia for the care of spine, shoulder and hip patients in Stockholm.


  • Merging of the clinics GHP Bariatric Center Stockholm and GHP Kirurgkliniken Stockholm into one unit.
  • Existing clinic in Helsinki expands into general surgery and gastroenterology.
  • GHP restructures business and reports its segments on a geographical basis.
  • Inauguration of the outpatient clinic at Garnisonen in Stockholm.


  • Daniel Öhman assumes position of CEO.
  • Launch of rehab clinic in Gothenburg, Ortho Center Rehab Göteborg.
  • Divestment of clinics in Prague and Bergen.
  • Agreement with Team Danmark to provide sports medicine and surgery.
  • Gastro Center Göteborg closed down.


  • Gildhøj Privathospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, taken over.
  • Launch of Gastro Center Göteborg.
  • Bariatric Center København closed down and Bodylift Center in Denmark divested.
  • Bariatric Center Cairo in Egypt divested.
  • Marianne Dicander Alexandersson assumes position of CEO.
  • Ortho Center Skåne opened in new premises in Malmö.
  • Acquisition of Odenplans Läkarhus through Stockholm Gastro Center.


  • Acquisition of OPA, Ortopædisk Privathospital Aarhus in Århus, Denmark, operative in the field of orthopaedics and spine surgery.
  • Acquisition of minority holding in Laastari Lähiklinikka.
  • Admira Kvinnohälsa, offering maternal health care, started in Lund.
  • Acquisition of Gildhøj Privathospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, operative in orthopaedics.


  • Official opening of Bariatrics Clinics in the Czech Republic, Skåne and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Restructuring and increased ownership of Spine Center Bergen.
  • Launch of Ortho Center Skåne and Gastro Center Skåne.
  • Launch of Bariatric Center Copenhagen in Denmark.
  • Acquisition of Stockholm Gastro Center.


  • Launch of Bariatric Centres in Norway, Egypt, Finland and the Czech Republic. Agreement and start-up work with diabetes and obesity clinic initiative in United Arab Emirates.
  • Closure of Concord Dental Implant Clinic in the UK.
  • Launch of a clinic in a new area, arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm), Arrhythmia Center Stockholm.
  • Collaboration within Spine initiated with Schön Kliniken in Germany in respect of quality.


  • Acquisition of Oradent (Dental, Stockholm). Launch of Concord Dental Implant Clinic in the UK and Bariatric Center Skåne.
  • Shares re-listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


  • Acquisition of Ortho Center Stockholm, Bariatric Center Stockholm, Ortho Center IFK Kliniken in Gothenburg and Specialistkliniken för implantat och käkkirurgi in Norrköping.
  • Launch of Spine Center Göteborg.


  • GHP founded by Per Båtelson and Johan Wachtmeister.
  • Shares listed on AIM exchange in London.
  • Acquisition of the first three clinics, Stockholm Spine Center (incl. part of Spine Center Bergen), Nordic Dental Implants Clinic in Stockholm and Göteborg Medical Center (Orthopaedics).