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Everyday life was affected

27-year-old Björk Odinsdottir from Iceland can now live her dream. She competes in crossfit at international level and last winter she was one of the gladiators in TV4’s Saturday entertainment. She has no pain anywhere. But it hasn’t always been like that.

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Now I can do what I want

Extreme fatigue, breathing difficulties and a constant feeling of being ill. That’s what everyday life looked like for businessman Lennart Jägerståhl. What he thought was a “common infection” turned out to be potentially life-threatening atrial fibrillation and heart failure. Today Lennart has got his life back thanks to so-called ablation at GHP Arytmi Center in Stockholm.

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Holistic perspective for quicker healing

It started with lumbago thirteen years ago. Despite several years of treatment by chiropractors the problem got worse. In the end the pain was unbearable for Bosse Mårtensson. The turning point came in 2007 when he had surgery at Stockholm Spine Center. Today he is back at work as a fireman and virtually pain free.

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I have only been off sick for two weeks

After the shoulder operation and rehabilitation training at OPA, Peter Holm Nielsen is now back on his bicycle and in his running shoes.

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GHP wins procurement process in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

GHP wins procurement process in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

GHP initiates collaboration with Swedish Paralympic Committee

Paralympic candidates and students from the Elite sports school will have access to medical care and rehabilitation at GHP's clinics.

GHP’s focus on quality through specialisation supported by Government inquiry

A Government inquiry into highly specialised health care is looking into the correlation between volume and quality, amongst other things.


Quality through specialisation

All of GHP’s clinics focus on problems in a particular patient group, such as musculoskeletal injuries, gastrointestinal conditions or spinal problems. This means that everyone working at the clinics is an expert in the particular problems that their patient group has. We call this “Quality through specialisation”. This way of working means that each clinic has a great deal of experience of their individual specialty, which in turn leads to great professional skill, a good exchange of ideas among colleagues, a high level of patient safety and subspecialisation.

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About GHP

GHP is a Swedish health care provider that operates specialist clinics, primarily in the Nordic countries. Each clinic specialises in a particular patient group so that as a patient you can feel assured that you are receiving the best possible health care and that you are being professionally looked after. Our leading doctors become partners and shareholders in their own clinics.

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